Sciengy Barbecue group building

Love the world fireworks gas, barbecue group construction just in time! On May 24, 2024, Secretary General Zhao Mingyou of China Plastics Association visited the company for inspection and guidance, and Secretary General Zhao also wanted to experience the company's group construction culture, and held an "open-air barbecue" group construction activity in the company square that night. Company leaders propose to bring their families to participate, employees bring their families together, the scene is lively, laughter, together to feel the beauty of "stealing half a day of floating life"!

On the afternoon of May 24, when the sunset was shining with golden afterglow, the employees threw themselves into this unique buffet barbecue activity. Some are responsible for wearing skewers, some are responsible for arranging tables and chairs and barbecue tools, and some prepare cold and hot dishes... Everyone is busy, are showing their own cooking, in the pursuit of efficiency while still maintaining an orderly division of labor. On the one hand, Secretary General Zhao coincides with today's visit, after the meeting was invited to participate in this unique and grand dinner; On the other hand, the family members of the employees were also invited and arrived at the company one after another, some with children, some with mothers, some with lovers. The children and elderly people who came to the company for the first time were attracted by the koi carp in the company's fish pond, playing with fish food, swinging in the forest, picking strawberries in the strawberry field, playing in the yard, and playing as if they had entered the park. The women were happy to appreciate the various plants and plants in the company, and the family members also deepened their understanding of each other through this activity, and also understood the working environment and atmosphere of their lovers or children. It was a very good communication platform, and the gentlemen of the female colleagues were familiar with and established a deep brotherhood, and we pushed each other to exchange glasses and exchanged feelings happily. Turned a group dinner into a family dinner.

With the wisps of smoke floating in the air, everyone temporarily bid farewell to the tense pace of work and experience the fun of "doing it yourself". In this process, as a member of the team, we worked together for the success of this group building activity. Bake a good skewer, serve every diner well; Just as the Sainji team focuses on producing good products and serving every customer, behind every customer satisfaction is the result of everyone's concerted struggle and hard work. Full of high morale, looking forward to the arrival of the next group building activity, all employees of Sainji work together to create more beautiful memories!

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