Sciengy® Polymer (PPS, PEI), with low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, excellent radiation resistance, chemical resistance, and high dimensional stability properties, which can meet the needs of antenna oscillators, radomes, and fiber optic connectors in the telecommunication field.

Sciengy® Polymer in Telecoms

Typical applications are wide use in in the field of fiber optic connectors, optical modules, antenna oscillators and other telecommunication applications. Colored PEI is available in blue, green, black, beige gray, aquamarine, and purplish red special for fiber optic connectors.

Sciengy® Polymer Uses
Fiber optic connector
Optical Module
5G Antenna Oscillator
Antenna radome

Sciengy® Polymer (PPS, PEI), easy to process, precision injection molded to meet customer's telecom component needs.

Typical Application Products Specifation&Grade Key Features
Fiber optic connectors Colored PEI PEI -VAT002-BL3122 Unfilled,Blue
Colored PEI PEI -VAT002-BK7101 Unfilled, Black
Colored PEI PEI -VAT002-GN5081 Unfilled, Green
Colored PEI PEI -VAT002-BR7095 Unfilled, Grey
Colored PEI PEI -VAT002-GN7D083 Unfilled, Aquamarine
Colored PEI PEI -VAT002-GNVT6E038 Unfilled, Purplish Red 
Optical Module PEI Resin PEI-VAT002 Unfilled, Standard,Natural
PEI Resin PEI-VAT002HF Unfilled, Easy flow,Natural
5G Antenna Oscillator PPS Compound PPS-SG401AT9 Low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss
Antenna radomes PPS Compound PPS-SGM501T65 Good dimensional stability, high temperature resistance
Featured Products
Our featured products
Polyetherimide (PEI) PEI-VAT002C/Unfilled Resin DESCRIPTIONS
Special colored, High glass transition temperature ( Tg ) at 217°C,UL94 V0 flame-retardant
Fiber Optic Connectors
Polyetherimide (PEI) PEI-VAT002HF/Unfilled Resin DESCRIPTIONS
High transparency, High glass transition temperature ( Tg ) at 217°C,UL94 V0 flame-retardant
Optical Module
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) PPS-SG401AT9/GF40, Glass Fiber Reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
High strength, high stiffness, High modulus, High temperature, Low DK&DF
5G Antenna base
Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) PPS-SGM501T65/ Glass Fiber &Mineral Filler DESCRIPTIONS
High strength, high stiffness, High modulus, Dimensional stability, High temperature resistance
Antenna radome
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