Polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Polyetheretherketone (PEEK) is a unique semi-crystalline, thermoplastic engineering plastic with excellent chemical compatibility.

What’s PEEK Polymer?

Parts made from the high-temperature plastic PEEK have a long-term service life of up to 260°C (480°F)and a melting point of approximately 341°C( 646°F), PEEK plastic is commonly used in hot water or steam environments and maintains a high level of physical properties such as flexural and tensile strength.

Automotive Industry
Aerospace Industry
Medical Applications
Electrical/electronic Applications
Future Applications

Sciengy offers a wide range of PEEK polymers, including standard pelletized PEEK resins and fine powders, as well as glass-fiber reinforced, carbon fiber reinforced, special wear-resistant, antistatic and other series of PEEK compounds to meet the needs of customers with different viscosities of PEEK resins and special functional applications.

Features of Sciengy® PEEK

● Excellent heat resistance

High melting point at 341℃ and glass transition temperature at 150℃.With outstanding long-term and short-term heat resistance properties, the long-term tolerance of up to 260°C(500°F) of the temperature, and the short-term maximum tolerance of 300°C(572°F).

● Excellent abrasion resistance

Good wear resistant and self-lubricant properties reinforced by carbon fiber, filled with graphite and PTFE etc.

● Excellent corrosion resistance

Resist acids, alkalis, oxidants, hydrocarbons, salts, oils and other liquid. Chemical resistance is better than many special metals.

● Good Electrical Properties

Good electrical insulate on performance in a high temperature range. The dielectric loss is small at high frequency.

● Excellent Mechanical Properties

With high strength, high modulus, high rigidity, high surface hardness.
With excellent creep resistance and fatigue resistance.

● V0 Grade Flame Retardant

In the absence of flame retardants, reach UL94 flame retardant grade V0

The applications of polyetheretherketone

● Automotive Industry

There is a growing trend to replace more and more metal parts with plastic ones or other materials such as carbon fibre. PEEK’s mechanical properties over a wide temperature range make it useful in the manufacture of car components such as seals, washers and bearings.

● Aerospace industry

Even though aluminum is the material of choice for the aerospace industry, PEEK can still find application in some aircraft since it is lighter than aluminum. The only drawback is that PEEK is quite expensive to manufacture, yet it has even better recyclability than aluminum.

● Medical applications

PEEK is insoluble in most polymeric solvents and also does not undergo hydrolysis, even at high temperatures. This, coupled with PEEK’s relative inertness to chemical reactions, means that it is perfect for biomedical applications where constant sterilization at high temperatures is important. It also finds application as dental implants when it is reinforced with carbon fibers.

● Electrical/electronic applications

PEEK is an excellent electrical insulator and retains its mechanical properties at high temperatures. It can thus find application in electrical instruments that operate at high temperatures, such as soldering machines.

● Future applications

PEEK has potential in the food packaging industry after approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. It is also replacing stainless steel in impeller wheels for regenerative pumps because it offers less noise and improved wear resistance.

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Our featured products
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Automotives, Electronics & Electricals, Industrial
Polyetheretherketone PEEK-SG201F80/GF20, Glass Fiber Reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Easy flow, higher strength, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistant
Automotives, Electronics & Electricals, Industrial
Polyetheretherketone PEEK-SGC301F80/CF30, Carbon Fiber Reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Standard flow, higher strength, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistant. Easy flow, higher strength, wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and chemical resistant
Automotives, Electronics & Electricals, Industrial
Polyetheretherketone PPS/GF reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Lighting Systems,Connectors,Pumps&Valves,Small Appliances,HVAC&Others,...
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