Sciengy® Polymer (PPS, PEI, PEEK), with high strength, high temperature resistance, thermal hydrolysis stability, wear resistant and good Dimensional stability, It is ideal for heat-resistant, wear-resistant and self-lubricating parts of major household appliances, as well as for a wide range of applications in hot and cold mixing valves, hot and cold water management for sanitary products etc.

Sciengy® Polymer in Appliances

Typical applications are wide use in microwave ovens, ovens, electric kettles, hair straighteners, hairdryers and other heat-resistant parts, water heaters, sanitary ware mixing valves, air-conditioning fans, four-way valve sliders, water meter housings, solenoid valves, wear-resistant shafts, as well as electronic components, etc.

Sciengy® Polymer Uses
Small Appliances
Electrical/Electronics Components
Water Management & Pumps
Appliances and Consumer Goods

Sciengy® Polymer has the advantages of easy processing, can be used recycle, with the solvent resistance, chemical resistance,high temperature stability,high mechanical properties and excellent dimensional stability. its can conducive to the integration of components, improve production efficiency, save raw materials and reduce the produce cost, alternative metal, ceramic and thermosetting plastic. It can be widely used in the field of appliances and consumer goods.

Small Appliances
Typical Application Products Specifation&Grade Key Features
Electric blanket thermostat controller, frying pan handles, hairdryer bracket, hairdryer frame switch, curlers insulation pads, coffee warmer rings, steam iron valves, toaster, microwave, converter, lamp reflector, ballast etc. PPS Compound PPS-SGM655E43 High dimensional accuracy, high fluidity, easy to process molding, high temperature resistance
PPS compound PPS-SGM651E43 High dimensional accuracy, high temperature resistance, high rigidity
Electrical/Electronics Components
Typical Application Products Specifation&Grade Key Features
High temperature circuit breaker, relay housing, connector, coil skeleton, coil package, brush holder, motor brush, power generator end ring, de icing device socket, terminal, etc. PPS compound PPS-SGM651E43 High UL flame retardant rating, high dimensional accuracy, good electrical properties, short production lead time
PPS compound PPS-SG401A87 Standard material, high mechanical strength, cost-effective
PPS compound PPS-SG401A87-03 Short molding cycles and high strength in thin walls
PPS compound PPS-SG401A87-01 High flowability, easy thin-wall molding
Water Management & Pumps
Typical Application Products Specifation&Grade Key Features
Hot water valves, water valves, thermostat housing, air valve, water valve, electric heating element, screws, threaded pipe, pipe, meter housings, transition pipe, pump housings, impellers and impeller sleeves, bearings, bearing seats PPS compound AS-SG401T87 High torque and cost effective
PPS compound PPS-SG301R63 High toughness, hydrolysis resistance
PPS compound PPS-SG401A87 high mechanical strength
PPS compound ES-SG401E65 Low coefficient of friction, high mechanical strength
PPS compound PPS-SG401A87-02 Good hot water stability, high strength
PPS compound PPS-SGM651E65 High strength and low cost
Typical Application Products Specifation&Grade Key Features
Blower housing, compressor mufflers, main flue, heat exchanger, hot water circulating head parts, motor relay switch, power supply / ventilation unit and thermostat parts, printer paper sheath, copier fax machine, laser head gear, medical / scientific instruments and components etc. PPS Compound PPS-SG401A87 Standard material with excellent balance of properties
PPS compound PPS-SG401A87-03 Short molding cycles and high strength
PPS compound PPS-SGM655E43 High dimensional accuracy, excellent heat resistance and electrical properties, good flowability
PPS compound PPS-SGM651E43 High dimensional accuracy, excellent heat resistance and electrical properties.
PPS compound PPS-SGM651E65 High mechanical strength, high dimensional stability, good heat resistance
Featured Products
Our featured products
Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS-SG301R63/GF30-I/Glass fiber reinforced and Elastomer Alloy DESCRIPTIONS
High temperature resistance, High toughness, Hydrolysis resistance
Hot water valves, Water valves, Thermostat housing
Polyphenylene Sulfide ES-SGC101S21/ Special Functional DESCRIPTIONS
CF10%+PTFE, Self-lubricating, Low wear and friction, High temperature resistant
Four-way valve sliders of AC and HVAC, Wear-resistant shafts for electronic valves
Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS-SG403T63/Glass Fiber Reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
High toughness, Low temperature resistance
Air conditioner outdoor unit fan
Polyphenylene Sulfide PPS-SGM651E43/Glass Fiber & Mineral Filler DESCRIPTIONS
High stiffness, High modulus, High temperature resistant
Heat-resistant parts for household appliances
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