Semi-finshed Products

High performance plastics such as PPS, PEI, PEEK, PPSU, PSU, etc., can be extruded through the extrusion molding, compression molding of large quantities or small batch production of semi-finished products

What Semi-finished Products Sciengy has?

Sciengy semi-finished products include sheets, rods, tubes, blocks etc., can be mechanically processed to achieve a variety of flexible demand for industrial products, mechanical parts, is the customer's ideal choice for processing small quantities of parts.

Sciengy® Semi-finished Products Uses
Industrial Components
Mechanical components
Electricals and electronics
Why Sciengy® Semi-finished Products?

Based on a wide range of raw materials including PPS, PEI, PEEK, PPSU, PSU pure resins, glass fiber reinforced, carbon fiber reinforced, carbon nanotube filled, etc., Sciengy offers a wide range of standard specification, insulating, abrasion-resistant, anti-static and other high-performance semi-finished plastics.Please contact one of our Technical team members to request more information about Sciengy® Semi-finished Products and the various product applications.

Featured Products
Our featured products
Polyphenylene sulfide PPS/unreinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Standard, insulated, Sheet, Rod, Pipe
Polyphenylene sulfide PPS/GF40 reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Standard, insulated. Sheet, Rod
Polyphenylene sulfide PPS/CF30 reinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Conductive, Sheet, Rod
Polyetherimide PEI/unfeinforced DESCRIPTIONS
Standard, insulated, Sheet, Rod, Pipe
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