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Aibang Polymer: Domestic PPS development situation

  1. May I ask you which modification of polyphenylene sulphide is in greater demand in the market?

PPS according to the use of five categories: 1, coating, 2, modification, 3, fibre, 4, film, 5, extrusion. Domestic fibre-grade development is better, with a large amount of modified materials imported several tens of thousands of tons per year, the main gap in: synthetic PPS pure resin grades dozens of linear and cross-chain structure mixed. Narrow molecular weight distribution, molecular weight up to nearly seventy thousand.

PPS modification of the most first two grades: one with glass fibre 40, another high filler. The former one tonne of pps can produce two tonnes of modified material, the latter one after the production of three tonnes.

An auto parts company said: do automotive engine parts, insulation temperature, often with PPS, automotive pps is mainly engine parts, a total of hundreds of parts on the car with PPS modified material. With domestic material certification cycle is long, but there is value in doing, after all, PPS dosage of nearly half of the output for the car.

Ignition - Electrical

Exhaust control valve

Ignition Coil Housings, Winding Tubes

Nozzle Winding Tubes

Transistor Ignition Housings


IC regulator

Hydraulic piston for ABS system

Rectifier terminal block

Hydraulic Piston for Transmission

Alternator brush holders


Fuse boxes

Transformer parts for hybrid vehicles

Hose clamps for air-conditioning units

Pressure sensors


Position sensors

Headlight reflectors (projection type)

ECU control unit housing (engine, power steering wheel...)

Bulb holders

Solenoid valve body

Fuel type

Cooling type

Fuel, suction flow meter

Temperature regulator parts

Fuel pump impeller, housing

Cooling water pump impeller, housing

Throttle valve body

Radiator upper pipe, lower pipe

(This PPS automotive application is provided by Mr Zou, General Manager of Apexplastics)

    1. What are the main international modified PPS?

    Modified grades Place of origin:

    • - Toray Mainly Japan;
    • - Dic Malaysia and Japan;
    • - solvay mainly Belgium;
    • - Celanese is USA;


      1. Modified PPS domestic has a breakthrough

      Modified plastic level PPS, domestic PPS synthetic technology has been a breakthrough, the quality is very good, foreign countries rely on the monopoly of the times past. PPS foreign advantages have slowly disappeared, no need to worship the foreigners, the subsequent replacement of the localisation of the trend must be localised alternative must be only a matter of time, and the future of the localisation of the PP materials such as the present. 

      Everyone said that the localisation of high-end modified plastics, especially modified PPS, has been an inevitable trend. With the rapid progress of domestic synthetic technology and modification technology, and there is a great advantage in cost, modification of the relevant certification and then do some investment, to replace the imported material is just around the corner.

      Shandong Sciengy New Materials Co., Ltd. currently produces PPS-SG401 series and SGM651 series of major indicators have reached the standard of imported brands, a well-known German companies in the country also specified their products. It can be said that the domestic PPS has achieved a breakthrough, is not dominated by low-end materials, the key is to trust.

      Picture from Sciengy New Materials Co., Ltd.

      Last year, the customer used an international PPS product and Sciengy's material at the same time, our material once passed the verification. However, the international brand did not pass the test, indeed, our Chinese PPS quality to greatly improve.

      1. Domestic PPS industry should strengthen upstream and downstream cooperation

      To ensure resin supply, support modified plastic brands, and develop downstream automotive large customers. This way PPS plastic brand will rise up. There is no guarantee of resin in turn to sell out again that is very dangerous. Bosses who do modified plastics need to wake up. You are facing a siege. Domestic PPS modified enterprises currently do not have a large amount of general sales of tens of millions of dollars, small businesses are also facing diffficlties, because they need to survive. It is really less for the high-end market, especially in the automotive industry, we do not have the strength to compete with foreign giants alone. We need a group of high-quality companies to take the lead.

      Picture source Guangdong Hongsu Technology Co., Ltd.

      PPS synthesis technology is not transferred abroad. The gap between domestic and foreign countries is that foreign chemical companies are very strong, and they can lose a few years to open up the market, or even longer. PPS synthesis is derived from Phillips Chemical in the United States, Japan is introduced from the United States, and American Ticona technology is Kureha technology in Japan. As far as synthesis technology is concerned, there is a gap between domestic and foreign countries. There is also a problem with positioning: the domestic focus is on the fiber market, which is about 10,000 tons in the domestic field, and Japan's Toray, Toyobo, and HUVIS from South Korea account for nearly 4,000 tons of the market. The largest market for modified plastics last year, only Toray already produced 18,300 tons. Modified plastics account for about 80 percent of the total PPS market.

      Therefore, domestic PPS enterprises to become stronger and bigger must meet:

      • Advanced technology;
      • Must have technical and financial strength;
      • Chemical engineering background is preferred.

      GLION, a domestic PPS synthesis company, said that through our testing center, we can do a comprehensive physical examination of the resin, and also find the advantages and disadvantages of foreign high-end resins. I believe that 2018 is a year for the domestic PPS industry to change and begin to take off, and we need to work together along the way to do better and better.

      Picture source Chongqing Jushi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

        1. When industries go global, joint ventures should be local rather than domestic.

        Joint venture with foreign capital must go to foreign place. Do you see any Chinese joint ventures selling cars abroad? It is a strategic issue to encourage joint ventures between Chinese modified plastics enterprises and foreign modified enterprises to occupy the local market. For example, Pritt's strategy is such that in 2015, it acquired American companies and entered the American market. In fact, domestic enterprises can also acquire local companies in Europe and the United States or set up a company in the local market. 

        At present, the main PPS modification enterprises in China are:

        • •Shanghai Pret Composite Materials Co., LTD
        • •Guangdong HONES Technology Co., LTD
        • •Suzhou Orida Plastic Technology Co., LTD
        • •Shandong Sciengy New Material Co., LTD
        • •Nanjing Zhenchen Technology Co., LTD
        • •Manta New Material Technology Co., LTD
        • •Dongguan Baifu Plastic Technology Co., LTD
        • •Shenzhen Fusheng Composite Materials Co., LTD
        • •Jiangsu Dingqi Zhonghua New Material Co., LTD
        • •Dongguan Dingjie Industrial Co., LTD
        • •Sichuan Coremer Material Co., LTD

        At present, the main PPS aggregation enterprises in China are:

        • •Chongqing GLION New Material Technology Co., LTD
        • •Guangan Jiuyuan New Materials Co., LTD
        • •Deyang Keji High-tech Materials Co., LTD
        • •Zhejiang NHU Co., Ltd.
        • •Sichuan Deyang Chemical Co., LTD
        • •Ordos Yiteng High-tech Co., LTD


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