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Sciengy launches extrusion grade PPS material at FAKUMA-2018, Germany

Sciengy as a professional manufacturer of POLYPHENLENE SULFIDE (PPS) in China,after ten years of focusing on research and development in the PPS industry,we successful launch extrusion grade PPS material for the first time in FAKUMA, Germany.

Sciengy's independently developed extrusion grade PPS modified material fills the gap in the Sciengy RS series. This high-toughness product has been dominated by the PPS industry giant Phillips in the past. Sciengy's innovation once again broke the international monopoly. Sciengy®RS series products that comprises different extrusion grades for pipe and tubing applications.

Sciengy®RS series products are naturally off-white in color, and readily accept pigmentation. It not only retains the excellent properties of PPS modified materials such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardancy, etc., but also has better toughness, elongation and impact strength. And it is able to meet the various requirements of materials in different application areas.


RS series products can be used in automobile pipe applications that require the thermal resistance, chemical resistance and dimensional stability. Especially against fuels and coolants, it will provide better heat and corrosion resistance. These materials can also be processed on standard extrusion equipment at very high through - puts, offering significant cost saving opportunities. RS series products can now be widely used in automotive pipelines, sunroof water pipes, intermediate cooling pipes, radiator vent pipes, cooling pipes, fuel filler pipes, fuel tank oil supply pipes, transmission vent pipes, crankcase ventilation pipes, turbochargers, etc. field.


Due to its excellent burst pressure and corrosion resistance, the RS series products can realize material replacement for corrosive medium metal transportation pipelines in the chemical industry. Also, vessels can be formed out of injected PPS material. The whole system can be welded together, allowing a further optimization of the cost. RS series products are now widely used in marine pipelines, chemical industry, petroleum pipelines, etc.


Even at high temperatures, the RS Series products are exceptionally chemically resistant to hot water, making them an ideal candidate for metal replacement in hot water management systems.

Sciengy focus on PPS R & D and production, committed to PPS of import substitution. In addition to the development of RS series extrusion grade PPS materials, we are still working on the development of long glass fiber and long carbon fiber reinforced materials. We will constantly improve the production, R&D, supply chain management system, and strictly follow the ISO9001-2008 quality management system. So that we can cut down application costs and create value for all customers with our high quality PPS products and services from the material selection, mold development and injection molding guide etc.


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