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Sciengy attended the "IGBT Industry Forum" and launched CTI 600V high voltage IGBT power module and PPS special materials for vehicle scale IGBT power module

On June 29, 2023, IGBT Industry Forum hosted by Aibang was successfully held in KunShan. It provides a very good platform for strengthening the communication and linkage of upstream and downstream enterprises in the IGBT industry chain.

The theme of the forum centered on IGBT chip design, manufacturing, packaging, as well as innovative materials, process equipment and applications to carry out exchanges. 16 experts and scholars made wonderful reports to share exchanges offline. In addition, application terminals, IGBT design and manufacturing manufacturers, upstream materials, equipment suppliers, as well as scientific research institutes and other upstream and downstream industry chain experts and scholars are invited to make communications.


Sciengy brought CTI 600V PPS material for high voltage IGBT power module to this summit, the material has high CTI value which reaches 600V or above, low water absorption. This material obtained UL yellow card, and has authorised invention patent, has successfully entered into the initial stage of application. At the same time, Sciengy brought PPS material for automotive-grade IGBT power module. This material's CTI value reaches 200V, which also obtained UL yellow card and has good epoxy resin bonding and good dimensional stability. It has passed the automotive-grade IGBT module 1000H durability test, which is in line with the needs of automotive-grade IGBT power module.

Sciengy also has standard series to replace similar standard Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) materials of foreign imported brands, as well as special wear-resistant, thermally conductive, electrically conductive, anti-static and other PPS composite materials. In addition, Sciengy has joined hands with ALIANT to jointly launch Polyetherimide (PEI) series products this year. It is the first time breaking the international monopoly and promoting the import substitution of domestically produced PEI products. We are looking forward to discussing the import substitution of special engineering plastics with you and committing ourselves to the field of domestically produced IGBTs and the field of new energy automobiles.

Sciengy made new friends and exchanged more insights of IGBT industry chain with old friends in this forum. IGBT, as a new type of power electronic device, is internationally recognised as the most representative product of the third revolution of power electronic technology. It is the core component in the field of industrial control and automation, which is widely used in the fields. For example, energy saving of electric motors, rail transportation, intelligent power grids, aerospace, household appliances, automotive electronics, new energy power generation, new energy vehicles, etc., which the market demand is huge.

With the expansion of the IGBT market and domestic IGBT technology breakthroughs, China's IGBT is driving on the fast track of development. With the expansion of the market and the improvement of domestic technology, China's IGBT industry chain will have a stronger import substitution ability.

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