Tour of Yuntai Mountain by the Sciengy team

The grass is long and the nightingales are flying. This season all things are revived, full of vitality and vigor, it is a good season to accompany the outing. Shandong Sciengy New Materials Co., Ltd. in order to enrich the spare time life of employees, increase the communication and cooperation ability of the team, and enhance the cohesion and centriforce of the enterprise, the company organized all employees to carry out a three-day group construction tourism activity in Yuntai Mountain Scenic spot in Henan Province in late May 2024.

Yuntai Mountain Scenic Area is located in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. It was selected as the first global geopark by UNESCO and is a national 5A tourist attraction. From the selection of Yuntai Mountain in Henan Province to the preparatory work in the early stage of the group construction, the company has all shown the importance of the trip and the care for employees. Along the way, the beautiful scenery and food are accompanied, and the "eating, living and traveling" of the team are carefully considered. Into the Yuntai Mountain scenic area is here by the towering peaks, deep canyons are deeply attracted, we form a team to walk through the mountains, enjoy the crystal clear streams and steep waterfalls, feel the power and beauty of nature.

The tour, the most impressive is to climb Yuntai Mountain main peak Zhuyu peak. In the face of the breathtaking glass walkway on the cliff, whether it is with closed eyes or with support, everyone bravely faces their inner fears, and when facing the challenges of their own life, they appear fearless because they have companions around them. Dragging a tired, oncoming is a steeper mountain road, in order to climb the towering Dogwood peak, Sciengy team to take full strength, help each other, everyone accompanied, mountaineering tourists also from time to time to join them, the mountain road has formed a beautiful mountaineering "landscape". Finally, through everyone's efforts, without being left behind, they conquered the Zhuyu Peak, the highest peak of Yuntai Mountain, completed the group photo with the "1297.6m" sign, and felt the success and joy of "a list of small mountains".

Read four times the youth will not live up to the dream, Sciengy dream forward! Through the Yuntai Mountain group construction trip, everyone not only enjoyed the beautiful and unforgettable scenery, but also relaxed and relieved the pressure brought by work and life. At the same time, it also provided a platform for communication and communication. All departments took this opportunity to actively communicate and lay a good foundation for future coordination and cooperation. The Sciengy team shows more precious quality and spirit, the execution of the unified requirements of the team, the cohesion of overcoming difficulties together, and the competitiveness of stimulating potential and positive. It is believed that the Sainji team will devote themselves to their work with more enthusiasm, actively play the "spirit of Yuntaishan Group construction", complete the challenges in the work, forge ahead, and contribute their own strength to the vigorous development of the company.

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