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Sciengy was invited to participate in SAMPE China 2015 International Academic Conference

SAMPE China 2015 International Academic Conference was successfully held in Beijing China International Exhibition Center from May 27 to 29, 2015 and Sciengy was invited to attend and delivered a speech. The conference was chaired by Prof. Yi Xiaosu (Deputy General Manager of AVIC Composites Co., LTD. / Chairman of SAMPE Beijing Branch), Prof. Qiu Yiping (Chairman of Donghua University /SAMPE Shanghai Branch), Boeing Co., COMAC, AVIC Composites, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Henkel AG, Zhongfu Shenying, Jiangsu Hengshen Stock, Changan Automotive Engineering Research Institute, BAIC, Shanghai JiaoTong University, ABB China, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Tongji University, Dalian University of Technology, Sichuan University, University of Electronic Science and Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology Heads of world-renowned companies, researchers and scholars and professors from research institutes, including universities, participated in this international academic conference, during which they reviewed the development of aerospace composites in the past and looked forward to the future application of high-performance composites in the aerospace field, and conducted interactive exchanges on the new developments in the development of Sino-US composites. To provide a technology and information exchange platform for the future development of high-performance composite materials.

Shandong Sciengy New Materials Co., LTD., as a representative of PPS composites, was invited to participate in SAMPE China 2015 International Academic Conference. Mr. Wang Bo, general manager of the company, delivered a speech on the application of PPS composites in the automotive field. During the meeting, he had in-depth exchanges and discussions with professor Yang Jie of Sichuan University (a leader in PPS resin synthesis), Dr. Wang Xiaojun, Professor Liu Xiaobo of University of Electronic Science and Technology, etc. At the same time, Dr. Peng Shuwen and Dr. Wang Min from Honeywell Integrated Technologies (China) Co., LTD., Dr. Xiao Hao from Donghua University and Dr. Liang Qing from DuPont had extensive technical exchanges. The report reviewed the development history of polyphenylene sulfide composites and introduced the application performance of PPS composites in the automotive field in detail. At the same time, the challenges and opportunities facing Chinese (PPS) industry, General manager Wang Bo pointed out in the report that although the current Chinese PPS industry is in a booming stage of development, due to the shutdown and production of Sichuan Deyang Chemical, the supply of PPS resin is insufficient, Haohua Honghe Unit is shut down to lease and use only to meet part of the spinning market demand, New and Cheng also announced cooperation with DSM. With the trial production of Ordos ITO High Tech and Dunhuang Western Special new material PPS device, how to enhance the competitiveness of domestic polyphenylene sulfide composite materials, participate in the competition in the international market, and break the monopoly position of Japan and the United States, Wang Bo, general manager of Sciengy, said that the company will go all out to build the polyphenylene sulfide industry chain and strive to achieve import substitution. Truly realize the international synchronization of product quality. During the meeting, SAMPE organizers also organized a visit to AVIC Composites Company. In the field of military industry, AVIC composites have made outstanding contributions to China's military industry in the face of the requirements of a powerful country and a strong military. In recent years, as a new type of private enterprise, the team of Sciengy has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of polyphenylene sulfide composite materials in the past 10 years, and has successfully developed carbon fiber reinforced, glass fiber reinforced, glass fiber mineral composite, PPS/PTFE, PPS/PA66 alloy, super toughening, conductive and thermal conductive PPS composite materials. The main product performance has reached the technical level of Japan's Toray and the United States' Ticona similar products, and has been widely used in the fields of automotive, electronics and electrical, home appliances, industry and medical. The company will take import substitution as its own responsibility. Committed to building a leader in PPS composite materials, we must redouble our efforts to change the monopoly situation of Japan, the United States and other enterprises in the past, truly realize import substitution, and contribute our strength to the cause of PPS in China.

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