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02 14,2018

On the lunar December 25, in response to the warm heart call that ensure poor people "having a good year" and "having a warm winter", Sciengy came to the Gaojing Village located in Binzhou Hi-tech Zone, consoling four poor households. We give the poor households oil, rice, flour, cotton clothes, beddings and other consolation products.

Entering an old man's house, a dilapidated spectacle came into view. All of this makes us feel shocked. Then Manager Wang decided to give his personal year-end welfare to the old man.

On the lunar December 28, Manager Liu came to the poor elderly again and sent quilts, food to the old man which were made by Liu’s mother, ensuring the old man have a warm Spring Festival.

Sending consolation for poor families.

The old woman held the leading’s hand and said, "The Communist Party never forget to care about our old people!" "This is the social responsibility that a Communists should do!" Manager Wang said.


Wearing new clothes for the old.

Giving the mentally retarded child and his sister cotton clothes and encouraging the children to study well.

Asking the source of the income of the poor families from the village cadres.

Sciengy hoped to give poor families help, respond to the government's call and fulfill the social responsibility actively, through the company's good deeds bring more entrepreneurs and caring people to participate in the anti-poverty work, letting "cold winter" disappear.