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What’s PPS

Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) is a polymer formed by the substitution pattern of the sulfur atom and the phenyl ring in the para position. The molecular structure of its molecular structure contains a high degree of stability of chemical bonds, so that the thermal degradation and chemical reactions have a high molecular stability. At the same time, the molecular structure of the polymer is also easy to form a crystal lattice with thermal stability, therefore, PPS is a crystal melting point up to 285°C(545°F) about the semi crystalline polymer. Due to the characteristics of its molecular structure, PPS is usually formed in the combustion of carbon residue, so that the material has the inherent flame retardant properties. PPS has not been found in less than 200°C(392°F) or so, soluble in any solvent.

Sciengy® PPS compouds with unique performance of other engineering thermoplastics incomparable

Thermal stability: can be long-term tolerance of up to 200°C(392°F) of the temperature, the short-term maximum tolerance of 260°C(500°F)
Dimensional stability: even if the shape of the complex shape parts can achieve very strict tolerances, and even in the high temperature and harsh chemical environment can maintain the dimensional stability.
Chemical resistance: a variety of solvents and corrosive chemicals, even at high temperatures.
Inherent flame retardancy: all Sciengy® PPS compound can reach UL94 V-0 flame retardant in flame retardant case.